Snow Elf

Snow Elf: Carly Jones

Instagram: @jynxeee

Eli: How did you get into Cosplay?

Carly: I was in design school with a focus on costume design and children's clothing. But it wasn't until 2013 when my friend brought me to my first convention where I was introduced to Cosplay. It was then that I fell in love and found my place.


Eli: What are your goals?

Carly: I want to design/sell children's cosplays


Eli: Explain your process for choosing a new cosplay.

Carly: I typically choose a character I either relate to or favor in a show, regardless of gender and skin color.


Eli: How did you choose your cosplay handle?

Carly: It was a gaming handle I tried to use when I was younger (didn't work out I stayed iCarlyJordan for a long time). The Pokemon Jinx was the first time I heard it be used as a name and it stuck with me (not my favorite Pokemon) it wasn't until I got into Cosplaying that I revamped it as my handle. 


Eli: Do you have a favorite fandom?

Carly: This is a hard question to answer, I can't just choose one!! I'll give my current top 3 =) Seven Deadly Sins, Fairy Tail, Fruits Basket


Eli: What do you do away from cosplay for work?

Carly: I work for Marriott as an Events and Sales Manager


Eli: What other hobbies besides cosplay do you have?

Carly: I am a big gamer, outdoor/traveler and concert geek. If I am not Cosplaying I am either playing a video game, out with friends at a concert or music festival, or traveling. I love road trips and going to new places or favorite places like Carmel by the Sea or Santa Cruz. I love the beach.


Eli: Do you have any nicknames?

Carly: Carls or iCarly


Eli: Do you have a dream cosplay?

Carly: Yes. I have an original design for Sailor Mars, it is an 18th century style gown with armor bodice and a large flame cape. It will most likely take a year to build.


Eli: Do you have a favorite convention?

Carly: FanimeCon is my favorite convention, it was also my first con I have ever attended. Seeing it grow has been such an experience and makes me so happy. Wondercon is a close second.

Eli: I love Wondercon! San Francisco Comic Con is my favorite, it has a special place in my heart, it is where I met you and Margo! Really sucks that it seems to have ended.


Eli: Favorite character?

Carly: CURRENT favorite character I cosplay, Ban from the Seven Deadly Sins. Current favorite character in general, Kyo from Fruits Basket


Eli: How long would you say on average you spend building a cosplay? 

Carly: On average I spend about 2 months working on a build. Mainly weekends and occasional weeknights.


Eli: Have you ever had anybody tell you that you should not cosplay someone and how did you react?

Carly: Thankfully I have never had anyone say that to me. The point of Cosplay is to bring a favorite character to life regardless of you matching up correctly with them. Race, gender, body size should NEVER matter.


Eli: Any cosplays that you put on the back burner or got over whelmed by while building that you would love to finish?

Carly: My Gamora and Ninetales. Gamora I definitely put on the back burner and haven't been motivated to redo her. My Ninetales is an overwhelming build that I would really love to revamp as well but the tails are just challenging and costly.


Eli: Give me an unpopular opinion about something you have.

Carly: I don't exactly have something that is viewed as an unpopular opinion but.....Pancakes are better than waffles!


Eli: Give me one tip you have for starting a cosplay

Carly: Just do it and have fun. Also the hot glue gun is your best friend.