Sing Canary Sing...

Black Canary: Josie Ybarra

Instagram: @jkat317

"New frequency, same cry"

I met Josie in mid to late 2018, during a time when I was contemplating quitting photography... She helped me get out of my creative funk (along with my good friends Margo McReynolds, Carly Jones, and Mary Klajbor) and love photography again. She is very talented and if you ever read our conversations you would see the crazy/awesome cosplay ideas she has planned. I am looking forward to our future awesome shoots. 

The Nerdographer: How did you get into Cosplay?

Josie:  I actually got into cosplay because I used to work for a company that did birthday parties and I loved it. I always enjoy making kids faces light up when they saw all of us stunt fight and just interact with them!!


The Nerdographer:  What are your goals?

Josie:  I have so many goals. I think it’s a list longer then I could type, ha! Basically, I want to do so many different characters and I want to do them well enough to be recognizable and people understand what I was going for...


The Nerdographer:  Explain your process for choosing a new cosplay.

Josie: I either really love the character themself or I get inspired and I’m like oooh how can I make this outfit and be proud of it.


The Nerdographer:  How did you choose your cosplay handle?

Josie: My cosplay handle just sorta happened. It was just something I always used and people sometimes just call my jkat cuz that’s how they know me.


The Nerdographer: Do you have a favorite fandom?

Josie:  I like so many different things, my top three def have to be Batman, Arrow, and Star Wars.... but I def love all kinds of stuff.


The Nerdographer:  What do you do away from cosplay for work?

Josie: Well, I’m actually a barista at Starbucks for the time being ha, but I’m going to start beauty school soon...So, I’m super excited for that!


The Nerdographer:  What other hobbies besides cosplay do you have?

Josie: Mmm, well I love working out. Is that really a hobby? Idk, I feel it’s a necessary thing, ha. I love video games and Netflix binging for sure haha. I also really love to cook, it’s def an art form in itself.


The Nerdographer:  Do you have any nicknames?

Josie:  Ahh not really, Jo or Jojo but those aren’t very special.


The Nerdographer:  Do you have a dream cosplay?

Josie: Hmmm, my dream cosplay would be a full set of Odagaron armor from Monster Hunter World. I've never actually made a full set of armor but I really would like to someday!


The Nerdographer: Do you have a favorite cosplay that you have done?

Josie: Mmm, honestly, I have such a big list, I couldn’t pick a fav. All my Harley’s are very near and dear to my heart haha, I’m gonna say no not yet.


The Nerdographer:  Do you have a favorite convention?

Josie: I’m actually gonna say ECCC (Emerald City Comic Con) because that was such an amazing and HUGE environment, lots too see and lots of talent there.


The Nerdographer:  Favorite character?

Josie: Favorite character ever? Ahhh, between Arrow and Joker for sure... I really don’t pick favorites.. Haha, I like having options and different characters for different reasons.


The Nerdographer:  How long would you say on average you spend building a cosplay?

Josie:  Oh man, the thought process can be hours at times haha. It really just depends on what I’m doing. I’m very new to the world of sewing, so that always takes me a bit longer. When it’s something I’ve never done, l so that tacks on a few more hours. I also feel like I’m am always trying to add extra little details. So. I def spend more time then I need to ha.


The Nerdographer:  Have you ever had anybody tell you that you should not cosplay someone and how did you react?

Josie:  I have done Harley as a Brunette before and people had a rough time with that one but I just put on a big ole Harley smile and laughed at them. I feel you can be whoever you want to be, your putting in the time and effort fuck all that elite bullshit, cosplay is supposed to bring people together and show your creativity.


The Nerdographer:  Any cosplays that you put on the back burner or got over whelmed by while building that you would love to finish?

Josie:  I really want to learn some foam armor magic and build a full armor set from monster hunter world!!


The Nerdographer:  Give me an unpopular opinion about something you have.

Josie: Honestly Marvel movies are just not my jam. I really don’t have the same attachment to the characters as I do for the DC universe XD.  I know worst person ever, I have exceptions like guardians of the galaxy and Deadpool, but even then they’re never like my favorites.


The Nerdographer:  Give me one tip you have for starting a cosplay.

Josie: Just remember if it’s something you really love just go for it and if it’s not exact replica that’s totally okay and just make your cosplay your own by being happy with it and owning what you made!