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This was my first time at Sac Anime, as I usually avoid driving up to Sacramento for conventions. However, I have heard great things and I wanted to check it out at least once. Also, on the plus side, I had three good friends who were also attending.


Day 1: January 4, 2019.......I carpooled up with my good friend Margo McReynolds (IG: @nerdoir_cosplay) and we were somehow lucky enough to avoid all the traffic. Once, we parked the car, changed into cosplay in the garage, it was time get our nerd on! Margo was dressed as a custom Elf princess inspired by Elf Quest and I was rocking Evil Morty. We were disheartened by the length of the lines to get in but that is honestly not unusual for larger conventions. So, while I went up to the media office to check in for my Press Pass, Margo elected to stay in line to wait. The check in process was extremely efficient and I was ready to go in under 5 minutes. Lucky me though, once I went to look for Margo, the line had taken her down into the main registration room! We geeked out on some awesome cosplayers in the line; Bowsette, Luigi, Links, and some bad ass looking anime characters that I didn't recognize. Convention Hall time, we always do one quick walk around the convention hall before we do any shoots, get food, or do anything else. The hall was massive and filled with an awesome amount of goodies. My biggest complaint about Anime conventions is usually that there is only anime exhibitors.... However, Sac Anime had everything! We spent a good 45 minutes being overwhelmed and mentally spending our money (I had my eyes on a sick looking Master Sword, and some artwork). By this time, more of our friends had arrive and it was time to go meet up for food and photography! We met up with Carly Jones (IG: @jynxeee) who was dressed in her updated Queen Titania, ate quickly at the yummy food trucks parked near the entrance and made our way over to a nearby park. We then called it a day and got food. Fun fact, Margo and I couldnt find the garage we parked in and finally found it 5ish minutes before it closed....

Day 2: January 5, 2019.....Photoshoot Day! I finally got to meet some cosplayers I had been talking to for a while. Margo dressed as Space Pikachu and I was comfy in the unicorn onesie I bought the day before. This day was tough, it was raining, so the locations for shooting were extremely limited.


2B (Liz Maroney @fabulizcosplay)

Toga Himiko (Sydney @squidbeecosplay

Space Pikachu (Margo McReynolds @nerdoir_cosplay)

Ban (Carly Jones @jyxneee)

Pokemon Starter Group (@maskedrosecosplay, @demetyr, & @tanoshii_ocha)

Christmas Harley Quinn (@jkat317)

Day 3: January 6, 2019.... This day was tough, the weather was storming all day, so the interior of the convention was packed. This made it nearly impossible to get good shoot locations but I made do. I shot some more Space Pikachu and got a cool Abbey Road style shot on our way out.

Overall I had a wonderful time at Sac Anime. The only negative was out of the Convention Planners hands....The weather.