Princess Kida

Princess Kida: Phoebe

Instagram: @flubber.duckie

You do swim, do you not?

-Princess Kida

I met the awesome Phoebe at this years Fanime, when I shot with her and a group of her friends. Please enjoy our conversation, I know I did!


The Nerdographer How did you get into Cosplay?

Phoebe: In high school my best friend wanted me to join an anime club she had started. She got me to start watching anime and the two of us went to our first convention together in cosplay! (Sailor noon was my first) 


The Nerdographer: What are your goals?

Phoebe: My goal for cosplay is simply to have fun! It’s a hobby that I get super passionate about and I’m very excited to make progress in my crafting skills with each cosplay I make 


The Nerdographer:  Explain your process for choosing a new cosplay.

Phoebe: I like choosing cosplays of characters I admire or love in some way, I also like to base it off of what my capabilities are and if it’s for a group or not (ex. My Elsa is for a group, otherwise I might’ve chosen a different princess to armor-fy)


The Nerdographer: How did you choose your cosplay handle?

Phoebe: It was a sort of nick name from a long ago friend who I would get all fandom/nerdy with. I don’t really remember the origins but I liked it so now it’s associated with my cosplay 📷


The Nerdographer: Do you have a favorite fandom?

Phoebe: Disney? That’s a pretty large fandom. I love marvel and animated classics the most out of Disney though. 


The Nerdographer:  What do you do away from cosplay for work?

Phoebe: I’m currently studying civil and environmental engineering as a full time student, I also work at a bookstore. 


The Nerdographer: What other hobbies besides cosplay do you have? 

Phoebe: Cosplay is definitely my all consuming hobby. I like to craft in general and it usually ends up being for cosplay but I also like baking—I’m sure I’ll find a way to connect that to cosplay someday 


The Nerdographer:  Do you have any nicknames?

Phoebe: Well my names phoebe, and I get all sorts of variations of that (feebee, feebs, po, Phobe) I also will respond to duckie 📷


The Nerdographer:  Do you have a dream cosplay?

Phoebe: Tim Burton’s Corpse bride! I actually have been slowly starting it (collecting materials, sketching, drafting, pinning videos and references) for about 2 years now. 


The Nerdographer:    Do you have a favorite convention?

Phoebe: D23! I went in 2017 and it’s so cool to see such a large amount of Disney superfans in one place! I’m excited to go again this year! 


The Nerdographer:   Favorite character?

Phoebe: That I’ve cosplayed would have to be Kida  from Atlantis. I feel so confident when I wear it too, I get 8,000 year old queen energy or something. But favorite character of all time is probably thumper from Bambi, but I don’t plan on cosplaying him. 


he Nerdographer:    How long would you say on average you spend building a cosplay?

Phoebe: It really depends on the build and if I’m working consecutively or not. My Madeline Hatter was 3 days straight, and had a lot of aspects I had to consider. Elsa however I’ve been slowly making progress on for about 6 months. It hard for me to gauge how long I spent. I also used to hand sew everything and that would take longer. Fun fact: I sewed my Lucy cosplay in my statistics lectures because I couldn’t pay attention without doing something with my hands! 


The Nerdographer:  Have you ever had anybody tell you that you should not cosplay someone and how did you react?

Phoebe: Not directly to me that I know of, I’ve been told a few time I don’t “fit” the character though. It’s definitely cool when cosplayers fit the role and adds extra wow factor but cosplay is about being whoever you want and don’t let anything stop you from that. I might not be 5ft (or traditionally short) but I’m definitely going to cosplay tinker bell at some point because I want to!


The Nerdographer:    Any cosplays that you put on the back burner or got over whelmed by while building that you would love to finish?

Phoebe:When I first got into cosplay I really wanted to cosplay kida and Lucy actually and after high school I kind of let my materials I’d purchased get drowned in a box, but since then I’ve actually finished them! I don’t have any that are currently like that, although I did postpone my Cinderella gown for August and it may become that thing I get overwhelmed with, we shall see. 


The Nerdographer:    Give me an unpopular opinion about something you have.

Phoebe: Uhhhh.... I don’t watch game of thrones?


The Nerdographer:    Give me one tip you have for starting a cosplay. 

Phoebe:Go for it! If you don’t have the resources or skills or cons just pick a character and try. My first cosplays aren’t my proudest work but I’m still very grateful to have made/worn them (even if I refuse to share photos of them) but don’t try to spray paint shoes, trust me it doesn’t last—make boot covers instead)