• Eli

20-ish Questions with Jacque!

Eli: How did you get into Cosplay? 

Jacqué: Halloween is my favorite holiday because i got the opportunity to dress up. All throughout high school i looked for more reasons to dress up and found cosplay. I was too scared to try in high school, but 2 years after i graduated i got the courage and bought a ticket for Fanime. Misty and Kairi were dreams of mine so they were my first (it definitely shows xD) and i fell in love.

Eli: What are your goals?

Jacqué: My goal is to keep making cosplays and learning how to improve my craft (I definitely could use the help) and meeting all the wonderful people in our community. I’ve met so many amazing friends through cons and cosplay and i just hope to continue that.

Eli: Explain your process for choosing a new cosplay. 

Jacqué: Honestly it’s all mostly on a whim. I write down when a new costume idea comes to mind and figure out how realistic it is to make within any certain time frame. Then I basically narrow down what i make now and what to make later. 

Eli: How did you choose your cosplay handle?   

Jacqué: Jax has been a nickname of mine since i was around 4 and I always used it in video games as my name. Then I started using Jaxyn as my name when I started playing Fire Emblem. I liked it and the rest is history (:

Eli: Do you have a favorite fandom? 

Jacqué:  Ahhhhhhhh, I can’t choose! Harry Potter and Pokémon are the fandoms I have been in the longest... So, I’ll just go with them lol.

Eli: What do you do away from cosplay for work?

Jacqué: I am currently a student studying biological sciences working towards Dental School. 

Eli: What other hobbies besides cosplay do you have? 

Jacqué: Playing video games, table top, watching anime, skateboarding, hiking, staring at the wall for hours in an existential dread, and reading.  

Eli: Do you have any nicknames?   

Jacqué: Jaxyn (obviously), Jax, JT, Ja-Qui, Jack Jack, Jack, Pooh, Jay-Qua-Lyn, Mark, Pookie

Eli: Do you have a dream cosplay?   

Jacqué: Link/Dark Link, Sora & Kairi, Pit/Dark Pit, and Link/Sora crossover. 

Eli: Do you have a favorite convention?

Jacqué: FanimeCon will forever be my favorite convention I’ve been to (: 

Eli: Favorite character?    

Jacqué: Ahh! That’s so hard! Probably Link or Sora?

Eli: How long would you say on average you spend building a cosplay? 

Jacqué: If it’s really sewing heavy then probably a week. If it’s more foam or prop heavy, around 2 weeks top. If it’s more casual or easier to put together, few days max.

Eli: Have you ever had anybody tell you that you should not cosplay someone and how did you react? 

Jacqué:  Yup! My second Fanime, when Overwatch just got released and I haven’t played that much of the game, I told someone at the con how I loved Lucio’s costume and character. My boyfriend at the time suggested I cosplay it and the girl promptly told me that I can’t cosplay him. 

Eli: Any cosplays that you put on the back burner or got over whelmed by while building that you would love to finish? 

Jacqué: That list is way too long xD. I have so many cosplays that I’ve half started or just haven’t gotten around to making because my schedule has gotten hectic. 

Eli: Give me an unpopular opinion about something you have.   

Jacqué: I don’t like the new Star Wars movies or Captain Marvel movie. I’m sorry, but they could’ve done SO MUCH for both but it was very underwhelming to me. Pls don’t hate me.

The Nerdographer: Aww, I dont hate you....I do however, hate The Last Jedi.....

Eli: Give me one tip you have for starting a cosplay. 

Jacqué: JUST DO IT! If you’re stuck on something: look at a tutorial! Do whatever makes you happy! If you’re intimidated remember that you’re doing this for YOU and no one else! I wish I wasn’t so scared to start years ago and I regret it since!

See more of Jacqué on her Instagram: @jaxyn_cosplay