crx2 2019.jpg

Anime.... is not normally something I pay attention to. However, this year, I said eff it, lets go outside my norm! So, I bought a weekend pass for Crunchyroll Expo down in San Jose,CA.


I then started reaching out to all my awesome local cosplay friends, only to find out that most of them were heading up to Sac-Anime that weekend.... Oh crap, I had no desire to drive up to Sacramento for a convention. So, I figured I would go for a couple of hours each day to take pictures until I got bored. I knew my friend Simon would be there taking some awesome pictures, so I knew I wouldn't be alone.

Soon, however, my awesome new friend Margo McReynolds (met her at SF Comic Con) reached out to me asking if I was going to be there. So we made plans to meet up, and shoot, but mostly just to hang out while there. Margo, is a gorgeous professional model, who also really likes Anime. So, during the convention while walking around, she would point out who people were cosplaying as, what their anime was from, etc. She also introduced me Kiki's Delivery Service, which is frigging cute as heck!