City Life...

Model: Shruti 

IG: its_shrushru



“For those who are lost, there will always be cities that feel
like home.”

Eli: How did you get into modeling and when?

Shruti: I got into it about a year and a half ago after Burning Man. I began going to more burner parties and was approached with modeling for some local designers. It expanded from there! I've always been into fashion photos and curating content.

Eli:  Do you have a favorite photographer to shoot with, how many times
have you shot with them and what about them did you like?

Shruti: Yes! I've shot with her three different times. She was super easy to work with, great communication and mutual efforts and we have the same vision with each shoot, even got published!

Eli Do you have any tips for new models?

Shruti: Always vet new photographers, collab with lots of people and create content and try new things.

Eli: Do you have any photographer pet peeves?

Shruti: Don't ask the model for implied, let it come from the model.

Eli: Do you have a brand you have worked with that you really enjoyed, what about the experience did you like?

Shruti: Temple Ro! Super inclusive, accepting of my body.

Eli:  What are your modeling goals?

Shruti: To do fashion week and runway, work internationally.

Eli: Has your perception about the modeling industry changed and if yes, how?

Shruti: Not really! Not in a good or bad way.

Eli: Do you have a fitness and beauty regimen?

Shruti: I don't at all.

Eli: Do you have a go to style when not modeling?

Shruti: It's called "model off-duty" but in general, street style.

Eli: Do you collect anything?

Shruti: Does makeup count?

Eli: I dont see why not....

Eli: Give me an unpopular opinion you have.

Shruti: Cancel culture is toxic. If there is someone who is toxic, spread awareness by having private conversations especially before things blow up.

Eli:  How do you treat yourself?

Shruti: A glass of wine and dinner for one.

Eli: Tell me about your first shoot.

Shruti: It was with the woman whose brand I first shot with. It was a great introduction to it all.