Batters Up...

Model: Isabella

IG: @beauty_by_Isabel_

Location: San Bruno,CA


“Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.” – Yogi Berra

Eli:  How did you get into modeling and when?

Isabel:  I started a few months ago off of just a fun idea and ended up loving it. I did some random small modeling back in high school but nothing crazy. 

Eli: Do you have a favorite photographer to shoot with, how many times have you shot with them and what about them did you like?

Isabel: So far Chris Mora is my favorite photographer (@frominsidethemat). I’ve only shot with him twice, but we met through wrestling when I was coaching and he was photographing. I like working with him because we’re always collaborating with new different ideas, it’s never the same style. 

Eli:  Do you have any tips for new models?

Isabel: Do your research on photographers, don’t be afraid to bring someone along with you to a shoot - especially with a photographer you’ve never worked with. Have fun and be open minded, but remember you don’t need to do anything you’re not comfortable with! 

Eli:  Do you have any photographer pet peeves?

Isabel: Not really a pet peeve, but I wish all photographers knew how to help give you posing ideas or tell you what looks off with a pose you’re working with (e.g. move your elbow out more so it doesn’t block your face). 

Eli: Do you have a brand you have worked with that you really enjoyed, what about the experience did you like?

Isabel: Haven’t worked with any brands.. Yet!

Eli:  What are your modeling goals?

Isabel: I think it would be cool to see myself in a magazine or two somewhere down the road honestly.   

Eli:  Has your perception about the modeling industry changed and if yes, how?

Isabel: Not really, Ive known a few models throughout my life, so I feel like I’ve always had the opportunity to hear it like it is.    

Eli: Do you have a fitness and beauty regimen?

Isabel: Moisturize!! My face can get dry so I always make sure I’m doing what I can to keep it moisturized. I also make sure I’m always hydrated!  

Eli: Do you have a go to style when not modeling? 

Isabel:My style changes by the day, I just wear whatever makes me happy in that moment.   

Eli: Name three things on your bucket list that you have yet to experience and three that you have.


I have yet to: leave the country, fly a plane (as a pilot), buy a house.  I have: gone skydiving, graduated college, gotten a tattoo (i have several now though).    

Eli: Do you collect anything?

Isabel: Christmas ornaments! From all around the world! 

Eli:  Give me an unpopular opinion you have.

Isabel: Avocados are trash

Eli: How do you treat yourself?

Isabel:I like to go get a pedicure and take a shopping trip when I want to treat myself.   

Eli: How do you spend your off time?

Isabel: Sleeping! Lol! But I also paint, pole dance, or just spend time with my family     

Eli: Anything about yourself you would like to share?

Isabel: Fun fact, I’m a party clown for birthdays! I’ve been painting faces and twisting balloons for almost 6 years now!