YoRHa No.2 Type B

2B: Shayna Danko

Instagram: @fabulously.nerdy

"The machines don't have feelings. You said it yourself."

Eli: How did you get into cosplay? 

Shayna: I have ALWAYS wanted to cosplay and when my husband and I needed to find a new hobby that we could do together outside of sitting on the couch gaming, we thought we should give cosplay a try. We loved it and have been hooked ever since!

Eli: What are your goals?

Shayna:  I would love to start to build armor and weapons with foam and warbla. I am also working really hard to create a following so that one day I might be asked to be a page model for a cosplay account on IG or any other social media platform. I really just want to keep spreading positivity and support through our community.

Eli: Explain your process for choosing a new cosplay...

Shayna:  Hmm this is a great question. Usually I find a new character either from a new comic I am reading or an anime I am watching, that I really connect with on a personal level. I consider myself to be a purist and like to keep things as close to the OG character as I can, so to do this I usually select characters I see a bit of myself in.

Eli: How did you choose your cosplay handle if you have one? 

Shayna: Well I had my IG account hacked and had to come up with a new handle. So, since I consider myself an uber-nerd and somewhat “extra” I landed on fabulously.nerdy. It just kind of fit how I see myself…at times. 

Eli: Do you have a favorite fandom? 

Shayna: So the Spiderverse is my number one fandom, but I have a ton of love for the Super Mario fandom and have recently fallen in love with the Demon Slayer fandom. 

Eli: What do you do away from cosplay?

Shayna:  I actually work a ton. I am an IT Project Coordinator at a local credit union and am also involved in a lot of data analytics and reporting as well. 

Eli: What other hobbies besides cosplay do you have? 

Shayna: Reading comics, playing video games, sewing, drawing and working on cars, mainly Subarus.

Eli: Do you have any nicknames?

Shayna:  LOL I do! It’s Peaches! Partially for Princess Peach (one of my waifus) and cuz well, I have large boobs. Blame my hubby for this one! ;)

Eli: Do you have a dream cosplay? 

Shayna: Oh man I would LOVE to pull off one of the Spider Demon characters from Demon Slayer but I would want to sew the kimono and make all the accessories myself so that would be a long build out. 

Eli: Do you have a favorite convention? 

Shayna: I think that Fanimecon is one of my top ones. And for local ones in the Bay Area I absolutely love Carrier Con on the USS Hornet. I’m a nerd about history and come from a military family, so being on the carrier was AMAZING!

Eli: Favorite character? 

Shayna: Spider Gwen/Gwen Stacy…she’s my freaking spirit animal!

Eli: How long on avg. would you say you spend building a cosplay?

Shayna:  If there is a lot of sewing that I want to do, it could take me as long as a few weeks. Other Spidey characters could just be a day or two at the most thanks to them being just a wig and cat suit. My Black Cat took me about 3 weeks to complete since I sewed the suit, gloves and made the fur boot liners.

Eli: Have you ever had anyone tell you that you should not cosplay someone and how did you react? 

Shayna: Honestly, I think that I have been super lucky to have never heard this. If I was told this, I would probably say thank you for the feedback and carry on. I cosplay characters I connect with and that mean something to me and could care less if I don’t have the same gender, shape or face that the character does or is. I cosplay to have fun and make friends not to appease haters ;)

Eli: Any cosplays that you put on the back burner or got overwhelmed by, while building, that you would love to finish? 

Shayna: OMG YES! Valkyrie Spider Gwen and the stinking leather crafting that I have to finish and all of the sewing. The comic variant has her in leather gauntlets, leather belt and a shoulder plate that are all embellished with filigree. I stamped through my leather belt and almost burnt off my hand with a wood burner trying to embellish the gauntlets and shoulder plate. I am determined to finish her this year for SVCC though! 

Eli: Give me an unpopular opinion about something that you have. 

Shayna: I’m not sure that this is unpopular since I don’t really voice it, but I am kind of creeped out by “furries” that show up at Comic and Anime cons, and act like cosplayers. Not to bash the fetish scene or anything as I know that there is some of that with over sexualized anime characters, but furries have their own events and it just kinda freaks me out that they are in these costumes that kids sort of flock to because they are fuzzy and “cute”. Like can I get a UV light to see what’s actually on that fur?? LOL

Eli: Give me one tip you have for starting a cosplay...

Shayna:  You gotta have fun, even if the build is stressful. If you pick a character that you connect with or admire, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have fun making the cos and being proud to rock it later at a con.